Made for all mamas everywhere during the fleeting, sacred hours between baby bedtime and my own— No doubt, as some kind of private therapy.  As I work, I think about the people to whom I want to send these simple words— one of them being myself. 

I was a fully-supported first-time mother weeping over the beauty of the new life in my arms, yet swallowed up in the throes of mourning the loss of another life (my own).  Oh, how I wish that mama could have heard and believed these words everyday she trudged through the fog of the settled cloud around her. I wish I could go back in time and overflow her mailbox with admiration for the warrior she was becoming, and with reassurance that these feelings did not mean she was doing anything wrong.

And so now, I paint — frantically wanting to offer up this message to newly-crowned mamas— to convince them of their strength and assure them that there is a future beyond the fog.  I want to offer a prayer to their power and to tell them over and over and over again (no matter how many times it takes) that they are a really, really good mom. And that is my hope— That these words will fill the ears of the mamas who need to hear them most (which is all of us, really).

This is for the mamas at work who must say a guilt-ridden goodbye to their babes every morning— And for those at home feeling guilty for counting down the hours 'til bedtime each day.— For those who struggle to find a semblance of their own identity while pouring their entire being into their children. It’s for the Earth-angels known as “Mama” to a child they did not carry, and for the mamas whose babies are not Earth-side— who go to battle with the sun each day, for it’s another day spent without their child. And finally, for the mamas who are not yet (or might never be) mamas of the flesh, who are fighting (or have fought) so hard for motherhood, yet have come away with empty arms. Rest, Mama. Know that through your courage and through your tender mothering of the deepest desire of your heart, these words are true: YOU are a really, really good mom.

I see you all. I am you. I made this for you.

*20% of profits will be donated to Postpartum Support International


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